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Mobile technologies today are the multifunctional and indispensable tool for millions of people, and every day they tap into more and more spheres of activity. A growing number of consumers are using their mobile phones as the main and sometimes the only unit for the majority of their personal and business communications.

There’s not a single industry on the planet that hasn’t been disrupted by the smartphone age in one way or another. As more and more people move to smartphone devices, almost all businesses are looking to get a foot in. Mobile apps are changing the way restaurants do business. Statistics show that 60% of local searches on mobile convert into buying customers within the hour, and the fact that Starbucks (a company notorious for leading the trends in the food and beverage industry) conducted 16% of their monetary transactions over their app alone.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Chances are, you grab your phone and check your email, Facebook updates, SMS, etc. People are addicted to their smartphones (including myself)! But, what does this mean for you as a business owner?

Cross platform development is a concept in mobile application development where you write application code once, and it runs on multiple platforms. There are many advantages with this approach. Here are a few of the major reasons:

All successful apps begin in the same way – as innovative ideas. However, having a great app idea isn’t enough. If you want to bring your app idea into life successfully, here are some points you need to consider: