Our Solutions

Increasingly people across the world are relying on their smartphones and other mobile devices to access information and services. This is having a direct impact on eCommerce, as consumers expect seamless access through mobile devices, the ability to search for, select, and purchase products, along with 24/7 service wherever and whenever they require. Consequently, the mobile marketplace is evolving rapidly, and Mobile is now the new eCommerce channel. The rapid consumer adoption of the smartphone has already demonstrated the enormous potential of this powerful new medium.

We at MoBiz Software provides you the ability to seamlessly extend your existing eCommerce capabilities to the mobile channel through a combination of mobile storefronts (applications) and mobile Web accessibility (WAP sites), resulting in a strong ROI. Using our solution, you can extend your eCommerce solutions to the mobile platform as a managed service.

eCommerce is being revolutionized through mobile applications. Innovative mobile apps can now help to reduce lines and accelerate checkout, audit inventory levels, schedule deliveries, enhance customer service, increase loyalty and create additional revenue streams. Mobile applications can help you generate better return on operational investment, accelerate speed to market, and lower capital expenditures.

DIY eCommerce App Builder

MoBiz Software is going to offers an eCommerce mobile app builder that help you to turn your e-commerce store into native iOS, Android and Window mobile app. With no programming needed, you can transform ecommerce stores into mobile app by yourself quickly, beautifully and affordably. This DIY App Builder supports most popular ecommerce platforms: Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

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