Here are the most frequently asked questions about the services we provide.

What is DIY App Builder?

DIY App Builder is a online platform for building mobile applications with no technical knowledge.  You can create mobile application for both Android and iOS device by yourself  just in few minutes

I have no technical knowledge and programming skills, can I use DIY App Builder?

Absolutely Yes! DIY App Builder has been created for everybody to develop their apps.

What type of applications can I create?

You can create many types of mobile applications, like restaurant apps, hotels apps, etc. We offer cross platforms development, it means you create once and you get 3 apps : Iphone one, Android one and a web app (mobile website with the look and feel of the app).

How much does it cost?

We've tried to make mobile app affordable for small business and we've done a fair price. You can create your app for free, you'll just have to pay the subscription fees when you want to publish your app. Please check out subscription fees here

Is it possible to edit the content after the app is published?

Yes. And without any new app submission process. Your app is automatically up to date. The only things you can't modify on your apps without a new submission are : app icon, app startup image (splash screen), app name, app description, categories and keywords, the mobile website url. If you add the Places/Directory feature while your app is already published, it will not work and your app will need to be republished. Another point concerns the "audio" and "radio" features: if you want them to work with multitasking (navigate through your phone, outside your app, with music keep on playing), you have to integrate them on your first publishing, if your app is already published when you add these features, they won't work in multitasking mode, and you will have to submit again if you want them to work in multitasking. Design, logo (not app icon, just the logo in the news wall feature), colors and of course features are editable when you want and as many times as you need. A new submission process due to your mistake/omission for example because you want to change the app icon, splash screen, or if you want to add multitasking on "audio" and "radio" feature, will cost you $39 for IOS and Android, $29 for IOS only, and $19 for Android only.

How can a mobile application help your business?

Smartphones changed our way of living. Indeed, more and more people are using this tool every single day of their life in order to find information concerning businesses they are interested in and which are part of there environment. Thank to applications, users can interact directly with you and can contact you with a simple click. You will be in their pocket all the time. Your application will give you the opportunity to inform continuously your customers, in for example pushing your company’s news forward (especially with the push feature), without forgetting your discounts. Thus an application, offers you the possibility to be part and parcel of your customer’s life. In that way, you could increase the standing of your company on a day-to-day basis thanks to ours customer relationship features.

How long does it take to get a mobile application?

Regarding to Android, the validation of your application on the Store is very short, 24h maximum after having submitted it. Nevertheless the validation period is longer with Apple. Indeed contrary to Google, Apple study your application in depth to know exactly if it corresponds to their standards of validation. In that way, the validation period for the Apple store can take more or less 7-15 days.

How do I cancel my account with MoBiz Software?

We work without any engagement, you can stop it whenever you want.

How many apps can I build using MoBiz Software platform ?

You can create apps with MoBiz Software as many applications as you want.