App Features

  • Catalog

    This features allows you to create Product pages.

  • Contact Page

    This feature allows you to create a contact page for your business. Just complete the fields to automatically create a one-touch-call button, a geolocation button and a contact form.

  • Custom Page

    We give you a wide choice of features to put your products and activity forward. Custom page allows you to enlighten your business by numerous ways. You can write an article with a picture or not, you can publish a photo gallery, you can publish a video directly on this page, and you can add "one touch call" buttons or link to any external website.

  • Discounts

    With the discount feature you'll be able to create as many discounts as you want and display them in the application.

  • Images

    It is the feature for building image galleries. You've got three options:

    • Create a gallery from Picasa
    • Create a gallery from Instagram
    • Create a gallery with your own photos
  • Loyalty Cards

    With the Loyalty feature you'll be able to create a loyalty's punch or stamp card. It means there will be a reward after a number of purchases. For example "one burger for ten bought".

  • Push Notifications

    Once your application is featured on the App Store and Google Play, you'll be able to send push notifications.

  • RSS Feeds

    This feature allows you to integrate feeds from blogs or news websites either from the business for which you're creating the application or other sources in relation with the business or both. You can create as many feeds as you want.

  • Set Meal / Menu

    Here is the feature for creating menus or bundles for a business. You'll be able to create as many menus as you want.

  • Videos

    With our advanced app builder platform, you'll be able to integrate videos from Youtube, Podcast and Vimeo. If you want to integrate a business video gallery, the best is, if not already done, to create a Youtube or Vimeo channel in which you'll upload all the business's videos. You create a thematic gallery too from other sources than the store (for example a fashion video gallery for a trendy bar).