DIY App Builder

Now your app is ready to go live. You don’t have to deal with the process of compiling your app. You don’t have to spend your time uploading your app to the Apple app store or Google Play. Just relax, and leave the heavy lifting to us. We submit for you your application on AppStore and Google Play. We don’t just publish your app. We also help you to launch your app successfully. There're some important things we suggest you to consider before launching your app.

App Name And Keywords

Selecting the right app store keywords and app name will help your potential customers easy to find your app through search on the App Store or Google Play. The first thing your potential users will see is your app name, therefore it must be descriptive. The app name also is used by Apple or Google to create your app URL. Therefore you do not include any special characters in your app name. The second thing to know about your app is that the key words you put in there. Apple and Google gives you 100 chars to define your keywords, so make the most of it and separate every word by a coma.

App Store Categories

Putting your app in the proper category can provide certain advantages. It's a part of App Store Optimization (ASO) and getting your app downloaded more. We can provide you all of the App Store Categories, along with definitions and help you choose the right category for your app.

Developer Account

Your app publishing needs a developer account. You can register Apple developer account here and Google developer account here. You also can publish your app under our developer account.

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